Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating is simply the most comfortable way to heat your home. For a new house, warm water flows though pipes embedded in the concrete slab. This warms the floor and avoids cold drafts. For existing houses, the pipes can be installed over the existing floor, raising the level of the floor somewhat, or hot-water radiators can be used.

In the long-term, hydronic heating can be cost effective. In addition, if you use solar hot water roof panels as the primary heat source, it can be the greenest method of heating your home.


Cold feet? Not with Hydronic Heating!

The ideal temperature profile for a room is to distribute the warmth evenly. Its uncomfortable to have all the hot air near the ceiling and all the cold air at the floor. In-slab hydronic heating puts an end to that. Read more about hydronic heating choices and the ideal temperature profile.

People with asthma love hydronic heating. Dust mites don’t get an opportunity to breed and cause mischief as they do with other kinds of heating that rely on moving hot air through the room. Hydronic heating relies on radiation – a more comfy and healthier way to heat your home.

No noisy fans!

Advice / Design

Let us help you!

We can design your new heating system. Or we can give you some advice that will help you to decide on which system will meet your needs.

We can design, supply and install:

Solar hot water systems.
Solar-boosted in-slab concrete radiant heating systems.
Solar-boosted hydronic radiator systems in existing houses.
Solar-boosted combined hydronic and hot water systems.

If you are considering building a new house, make sure you get the pipes installed in the slab – its a bit too late once the slab is poured! We can provide advice on what options are available, and we can design and install the system.

If you are renovating, it is still possible to install in-floor heating, provide you don’t mind the floor being 30mm higher than previously.

Also consider using hydronic radiators in each room. While not as effective as in-floor heating, hydronic radiators can nevertheless be a much better solution than other alternatives.

For some further information, read this Hydronic Heating Fact Sheet


Are you an owner builder?
We can help you design your system. We can supply or help you find the bits you need, and can assist you to install it. Send us your plans and we can talk about your project.